My Book Design

The final book design is mostly taken from the ‘Pilots Notes’ book that I mentioned previously. The A5 size matched the intimacy and personal nature of the work. The cover image is a… Continue reading

The History Of The Photobook Volume 3


Why did you decide to join the military? What attracted you to the job? Why did I join the military? That’s a good question, I wanted more excitement in life and to get… Continue reading

Book Research

Initially I wanted to hand in my work as a portfolio as I really like viewing a set of images in high quality print. However after discussing the nature of the project with… Continue reading

Shoot 4

Unfortunately I am unable to shoot any further as Richard has been posted to Fort Bragg to take part in JOAX Mission. The Joint Operational Access Exercise, Code named ‘Forcible Entry’, is a… Continue reading


As Mike Whealan suggested I looked at some objects that belonged to me and my brother. We have both moved out from home so there wasn’t much left at our parents’ house. After… Continue reading


From the third shoot I have captured the photographs I intended and also some photographs of objects that we owned. I still have a further shoot to do with the polaroid camera. For… Continue reading

Shoot 3

For this shoot I was able to get my brother home for the weekend and do some more environmental shots at locations we grew up. The first stop was in a small village… Continue reading

Moving Forward

After all the workshops and shoots I have decided to use a combination of old family photographs, digital photography and possibly instant film. The idea between the combination of the old photographs, instant… Continue reading

Colour Printing Workshop

As I want to do a test shoot with medium format film I decided to do the colour printing workshop so that if I do use film for the final shots I can… Continue reading