Why did you decide to join the military? What attracted you to the job?

Why did I join the military? That’s a good question, I wanted more excitement in life and to get out of the routine of the ‘normal’ job as such. Also to feel as if I was making a difference and do something that matters. Plus I know I would have regretted not joining the forces if I left it any longer.

How hard was it to make the decision to pursue a career that will require you to put your life on the line?

It wasn’t terribly hard, for me anyway, I don’t know about others. But I’ve never really thought about it.

Do you ever worry about the possibility of being in a position where your life is at risk?

I’ve never worried before, I only had that feeling once where I’ve thought to myself ‘holy shit this is real’ and I got a feeling of excitement and anxiety because I never thought about how I would feel being told you’re going somewhere with hardly any notice. But during that time I never thought to myself that my life would have ever been at risk.

And lives of the friends you have made?

Of course you worry about your friends, when they were out in Afghan and you get told that one of their vehicles gets hit by an IED, there is nothing you can do as it’s out of your hands.

What’s the driving force for wanting to go into a conflict zone?

In all honesty I’m not sure what the driving force to go into a conflict is, it’s your job at the end of the day, it’s what interests you and what you enjoy.

How do you feel knowing that the government have put a price on your life regarding the compensation that your family receives? For example they valued your life to me at £3250?

Well the government is a bit fucked up when it comes to the military, to me it feels like they have no idea what they are on about when it comes to the forces making all the cuts. But back to the question, personally I don’t think anyone’s life is worth that little, but there isn’t anything I can do about it.