Moving Forward

After all the workshops and shoots I have decided to use a combination of old family photographs, digital photography and possibly instant film.

The idea between the combination of the old photographs, instant film and digital is that I want to compare the old and new. As I said before when I think about how I value my brother I think of our childhood and growing up, so using the old family photographs with the new ones will work well. The feel of the old film prints give you the old rose tinted view of how we remember things and the new sharp, detailed digital photographs bring the harsh reality home of the dangerous job my brother now undertakes.

What works well is that the old photographs should connect with nearly everyone. Everyone who has old family photos will immediately remember and think of their own making the journey have a personal connection even though they don’t know the subject straight away. This connection is the start of the narrative, who is this person? Why are we looking at them? Following this you see a change in age and style of photographs, from a young boy playing we have moved to a young man, now a soldier. The innocence is gone, yet were left with a heroic but vulnerable person.

The next stage will be further shoots. I have now got a chance to go home with my brother and photograph him at our home and where we grew up.