Shoot 3

For this shoot I was able to get my brother home for the weekend and do some more environmental shots at locations we grew up. The first stop was in a small village called Upton Scudamore, we lived in the small village for around 3-4 years and spent a lot of our time walking and playing in the fields. The specific location we went to was a field where we built a base from an old army training trench and played army. I felt that this was a good place to photograph Richard now as this is where we used to play army and now he’s doing it for real.

Mike Whealan recommended that I photograph objects that belonged to us when we were children so I went through our old toys and came across a collection of toy soldiers that we had. I decided to photograph them as if they were product shots, suggesting that these could be part of the reason that Richard chose a career in the military. Whether or not I decide to use them in the final shoot will come down to the construction of the narrative and how it reads.

Another photograph that I want to reproduce is the photo with Richard having his face painted at a village fate. I didn’t want to simply copy the photo but create a realistic version of it. What I decided to do was take a photo of Richard putting on the paint himself as he would in the field.

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