My Book Design

The final book design is mostly taken from the ‘Pilots Notes’ book that I mentioned previously. The A5 size matched the intimacy and personal nature of the work. The cover image is a Polaroid taken of my brother where we used to play as kids. The title ‘Per Ardua’ comes from the RAF regiment motto, which is Latin for ‘Through Adversity’. I honestly was struggling with a title for the book because i couldn’t think of anything that would be suitable, then I caught a glimpse of my tattoo I got in honor of my brother and it fell into place.

The blue cover comes from a sample I took of the final image in Photoshop. I initially wanted to use was RAF blue, also know as the colour Azure (the purest tones of which are identified as being the colour of the sky on a clear day). The RAF actually use a medium Azure, but  I found that this was to light for book as the photographs I have taken are a darker tone so to match this (1a2b3f) and it works very well.

The choice of photographs came down to selecting an old photograph and a recreation as a response. The text is taken from the interview with Richard and I have placed the text next to the photographs of him as a child as this will have a more powerful and thought-provoking effect on the reader, as you would not expect to see an image of a happy child next to text about IED’s and putting your life at risk.

I purposely left the old images smaller with a white border as I wanted the idea of them being taken from a photo album to come across, and then when you turn the page you are hit but a full bleed harsh image of the current reality of the situation. Keeping the old photos smaller and separate from the larger new images adds to the impact of the work, and this will be continued when it comes to exhibiting the work.

Each image has a connection with each other, for example the recreation of playing and dressing up in the first images, then the face paint and camo cream and the sofa and setting. All of the new photographs have had minimal editing as I want them to feel as real as possible to the viewer. The final image is a portrait of my brother and his official title.

The construction of the book again falls back to the ‘Pilots notes’ book heavier 160 gsm with a 100/120 gsm paper inside. I did want to have the book perfect bound but its to small for the machine. Instead I will use black tape binding which still works with the aesthetics of the book.

Per Ardua 3 Per Ardua 32 Per Ardua 33 Per Ardua 34 Per Ardua 35 Per Ardua 36 Per Ardua 37 Per Ardua 38 Per Ardua 39 Per Ardua 310 Per Ardua 311 Per Ardua 312 Per Ardua 313