The CONFLICT.TIME.PHOTOGRAPHY exhibition at the Tate Modern is perfect research for this project as it depicts conflict through the ages. It has a massive collection of work that is not only typical journalist… Continue reading

The Big Review

Ralph Hall  Ralph was very positive and excited about my project and had some great ideas of how to move it forward. I need to be more considerate about the lighting. I only… Continue reading


This image is my favourite from both test shoots as it shows Richard as a soldier, a heroic figure but with a venerable human side that connects the viewer through his gaze. I… Continue reading

Shoot 2

Again here we were stuck using just a studio space as Richard was on standby which means he wasn’t allowed more than 3 hours away from base so coming to London was the… Continue reading

Shoot 1

For the first test shoot I was planning to recreate an image from our childhood to see if this could be a possible way of comparing the rose tinted view of our childhood… Continue reading

Format Testing

As this project has taken me to looking back at old photographs I have decided to experiment with different camera mediums to get the right look that works best alongside the old family… Continue reading

Adam Ferguson – Skyping Soldiers

Adam Ferguson is another photographer that has caught my eye. His work like Tim Hetherington concentrates on the Soldiers and how they are effected by the conflict. Skyping Soldiers is a collection of… Continue reading

The “Feedback Loop”

In February 2011, the Arab Spring spread to Libya. After a week-long siege, the town of Ajdabiya fell when French aircraft bombed the Gaddafi-loyalist troops. Here, a local man is pictured thanking God… Continue reading

Sleeping Soldiers

Sleeping soldiers is a short film made by Tim Hetherington. It’s a combination of stills, video and audio. It starts with a photograph of a sleeping soldier, looking so peaceful he almost looks… Continue reading

Tim Hetherington – Infidels

Tim Hetherington’s work “Infidels” is a very important and influential body of work. I find that Tim’s work stands out amongst all other war photographers as he concentrates on the soldiers rather than… Continue reading